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Real Water, the Only Stable Negative Ionized
Water on the Market Today

The benefits of Real Water with E2 Technology
E2 Technolody
  • Move your body to an alkalized state with Real Water by removing acidic toxins.

  • With Real Water you can take in an abundance of antioxidant electrons to neutralize harmful free radicals.

  • Experience cellular hydration like never before with Real Water's proprietary E2 Electron Energized Technology.

Why E2 Technology?

Real Water (Real Alkalized Water) with Electron Energized (E2) Technology is the only water available today that can maintain a stable negative ionization.

The negative ions neutralize free redicals, providing a powerful antioxidant within every bottle you drink!

Is The Water You are Currently Drinking Harming You?

Most drinking water can be unhealthy because it is too acidic and has been stripped of valuable electrons.  According to many health professionals an acidic body can lead to dramatic health problems.

(See Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody and Reverse Aging by Sang Whang.)

Real Water with E2 is alkaline which helps your body move towards a more alkalized and healthful state.

Free Radical Damage

The next problem with most water is that it has been stripped of valuable electrons during filtration, purification and generally moving through pipes.  This results in water molecules competing for remaining electrons and clumping together.

Free radical damageThese molecules now have a positive charge and can be measured by an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter.

These positively charged water molecules (positively ionized) are actually free radicals that want to steal electrons from healthy cells.

This is called oxidation and causes cellular damage and premature aging.

Besides causing free radical damage, positive ionized water molecules are rejected by our cell's aquaporins.  Aquaporins are little channels that transport water and nutrients through the cell wall.  They let good water in and keep bad water out.
"Scientists now believe that free readicals are causual in nearly every known disease."
- Dr. Lester Packer, University of California
You Could Be Drinking But Not Hydrating Your Cells

Aquaporin Water ChannelWhen a molecule is positively charged and clumped, the aquaporin rejects it.  It won't let it in, and for good reason!

The cell doesn't want a free reaical running around inside causing damage or even killing the cell.

Since aquaporins are very selective, you could be drinking a lot of water, but not really hydrating on a cellular level.

The Solution

Real Water with E2 Technology corrects these deficiencies.  Through a proprietary process, Real Water is alkalized (without adding chemicals) and electron energized.

By replacing the missing electrons, the water molecules unclump so they can be absorbed on a cellular level.  The aquaporins let the E2 Water right in.

What's more, the extra electrons in Real Water act as an antioxidant, neutralizing damaging free radicals in the body.

Since Real Alkalized Water is hydrating your body so well on a cellular level, the cells can now release harmful toxins that have been stored for a long time because of previous lack of cellular hydration.

Once all those toxins are out of your body, you will have a new sense of well being!
"You are not sick, you are thirsty!  Don't treat dehydration with medications."
- F. Batamanghelidj, M.D., Noted Author & Hydration Researcher

Start now and transform yourself
with Real Alkalized Water:

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